Friends and Family Use Rights Management Portal

Welcome to the Friends and Family Use Rights Portal for NINJIO AWARE.

The Friends and Family Use Rights Service is provided to you by your employer, and allows you to add up to 7 family members to view NINJIO Aware Episodes at no cost to you. It is our hope that as your family watches our Episodes that they become more secure in their personal digital world. While most of our Episodes are staged in a corporate environment, there are valuable lessons that can be taken home as well.

Your friends and family member(s) will receive our latest NINJIO AWARE Episode the first week of every month, and they will only be available for 2 weeks after they've been released.

Your employer must have a valid NINJIO license and you must have a valid NINJIO email address (typically your work email address). For your friend or family member, we will only ask for their first name and email address.

You can add and remove friends and family members at any time.

Please enter your business email address and registration code to begin